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Wine Made for YOU

Klink! Wine

Klink! is about wine for you - the casual or serious wine drinker.  Wines that appeal to a wide variety of tastes and preferences. With thousands of labels available in South Africa alone, there is no shortage of wine choices for every occasion. But when you go out bargain-hunting, there is no guarantee that you’ll get value for your money. You can easily be disappointed with cheap stuff. And when you’re looking for something special, there is also no guarantee that you’ll necessarily be impressed with your purchase after paying a lot of money.

If you like to enjoy a glass (or two) of wine every day, you don’t want to bankrupt yourself in the process. To fit into a tight budget, should you be satisfied with the worst plonk you can lay your hands on? We say no. You can do better. For less.  Klink! offers you wines of high quality, easy drinkable, and full of flavour. And certainly not shy to hold its head high in any company - even among profound wine snobs. Because Klink! is made for you, to enjoy casually every day or on special occasions alike.

The Klink! range and labels

Klink! is not just one type or class of wine - but rather a range of high quality wines spanning a variety of price categories, all bottled under the Klink! label. The range comprises 3 Klink! label series, each representing a different wine price category. These are the Cheers Series, the Silver Series and the Gold Series.

The Cheers Series is our everyday range of high quality wines, offered at the lowest prices and sporting a label with a black or white background, as shown on the wine bottles above. The Silver Series and Gold Series represent corresponding higher price/quality ranges of wines. Their labels have the same geometric layout on the bottle as the Cheers Series, but with corresponding silver and gold backgrounds, respectively.

The Klink! Cheers Series

The Klink! Cheers Series comprises a Vin Rouge, Vin Rosť, Vin Blanc and Vin Lite, which just means red wine, pink wine, white wine and light (low alcohol) white wine. We are constantly striving to bring you variety, and you will find that each of these wines may be available in more than one cultivar or blend as time goes by. However, what you can always be absolutely sure of, is that all these wines are superbly made and finished to surprise and satisfy, making for a memorable wine drinking experience. The Cheers Series wines come with screw-caps, for your convenience.

The Klink! Silver and Gold Series

These are rather special wines that we make in-house from grapes harvested from special vineyard blocks, as well as specially selected wines acquired from associated producers and deemed as appropriate quality for these prestigious labels. These are not wines that are made to keep in stock, but are specially bottled from time to time and offered exclusively to Klink! Wine Club members - also at ridiculously low prices when compared to what they could fetch in stores. You can read more about these wines on the page where you JOIN THE WINE CLUB.

Join the Wine Club and drink a Klink! today - you'll be back for more!